Strength and Curves is a online coaching service for women only. Our coaching model is built from principles of current exercise and nutritional science as well as your lifestyle, therefore every training and nutrition program is unique to each woman. Our goal is to help as many women as possible to get healthy, strong, confident and sexy!



Strength and Curves practise individualized, flexible, and person-centered style of coaching.
We cannot provide you with a training and nutrition program that best suites your body and lifestyle, without knowing your backround, daily habits, routine, preferences and goals. So we take our time to get to know you through our questionnaire and unlimited e-mail conversation.
Through periodic check-ins knowledge of your physiology and a data base on your response to diet and training will be developed.
At Strength and Curves  we firmly believe in individualization. Your training program will be tailored to your experience, specific needs, weak points, goals and lifestyle. We can build an effective workout program even if you have limited equipment.
We structure our training programs with emphasis on progression, which ensures that plateaus are avoided and progress is optimized.
Being open minded is crucial for us as a coaches, when it comes to shaping woman’s body. We can create a workout program whether your goal is body recomposition, muscle gain, strength gain or fat loss (even muscle loss, in some cases, might be necessary , if symmetry is your goal and you have overdeveloped muscles or musle groups).
We teach how to use your body in the safest and most efficient manner. Every exercise will come with notes providing you with cues explaining the proper technique.
At Strength and Curves we pay attention to both quantity and quality.
Flexible diet (works for muscle gain, fat loss, maintenance and reverse diet).
Learning how to track your macronutrients will not only allow you to reach your short and long term goals, but to maintain them for a lifetime, since you will be able to tweak your daily meals according to your day to day life dynamics.
Meal plan (works for muscle gain, fat loss, maintenance and reverse diet).
If you are complitely new to nutrition, calories and macronutrients, or have limited time to reach your goal and enough discipline, you might benefit from a meal plan. It will not include foods that you are allergic or intollerant to, or you do not enjoy eating. Meal time and frequency will be adjusted to your lifestyle. Weekly grocery list will be provided as well as caloric intake and macronutrients, so you will be able to start learning about it.

Reverse diet. If you had a very restrictive low calorie (low carbohydrate and/or low fat) diet for a long period of time and have a hard time to lose or maintain your weight, reverse diet is your best bet. Gradually we will increase your calories and macronutrients to boost your metabolism while avoiding/minimising unnecessary fat gain.

Intuitive eating. If your goal is to simply maintain your weight and stay lean and healthy, you might be hesitant to count your calories and weight all your food on the scale. Intuitive eating, while maintaining a beautifull and healthy body, should be everyones long term goal, really. we can teach you how to make smart food choises and tweak your diet on a daily basis, without counting a single calorie!
Which ever nutrition model you are going to choose, it will be adjusted via weekly email consultations, untill you’ll reach your goal. As progress accrues and new goals arrise, your nutrition model migth be updated.

Included in my online transformation:

✓ Customized workout plan

✓ Customized nutrition plan

✓ Weekly progress report

✓ Support and communication through email

The service is currently not available!

 4 week transformation  –  75 €
12 week transformation  – 200 €   10% off
24 week transformation – 360 €   20% off
Payment goes through Paypal

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